Your holidays with us

Quinta means estate or vineyard and therefore includes a certain size. Quinta Altamira covers an area of about 6.7 hectares and is almost an island on the island. It is an ideal retreat to relax and enjoy. Many of our guests conclude their days with a walk across the grounds or a glass of wine on the cliffs.

On the other hand, Quinta Altamira is centrally located on the island and is an ideal starting point for various activities and excursions, which we would be happy to help you plan them.

Apart from the park-like part with the holiday homes, there is also the horticultural part with fruit trees and vegetable fields and the natural "wild" coastal part with all its winding paths.



The island has many different faces: mountains and sea, crater lakes and thermal baths, city and countryside, parks and museums tempt you to a lot of different activities. It never gets boring, you just have to adapt your plans to the weather from time to time. Bathing clothes and windcheater should always be carried, as often there are undreamt-of possibilities and views.

Further information for your planning is available on the Official Tourism Webside of the Azores.