In an idyllic garden park
are available to our guests
ten holiday homes

of different types.



On a coastal area of about 67000 m2 (16.5 acres) our guests find an oasis

of peace in lush flora and fauna.

Pool, tennis court and barbecue
area available at your free disposal.

The central location of the Quinta

offers an ideal starting point

to explore the island.



You would like to know

more about our offer,

do a reservation

or get other information?

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São Miguel - a destination for every season even in times of Corona (Covid-19)

What are the conditions for tourists regarding Corona and what is the current situation on São Miguel? Portugal had very strict regulations from March to May, which meant that the number of infections could be kept well under control. When there were no more active cases on the island for some time, everything was slowly reopened.

However, people entering the island are still checked at the airport and about 2-3 cases per week are detected. 

A new regulation was introduced on 13 June 2020: Those who do not have a negative (RT-PCR) corona test, which was carried out not more than 72 hours before departure, have to do this test directly on arrival. However, you can now wait for the test result, which should be available within 12 hours, in isolation in your accommodation and no longer have to go to a hotel. A further flight to another island is only possible with a negative test result. One week after the first test, a second test must be done. The Azorean government bears all costs for this. You can read all the information on the website of the Azorean government https://covid19.azores.gov.pt/?page_id=5509. There you will also find the forms that are required for entry.

In the meantime the test procedure is more routine and you wait on average less than 12 hours for the result. 

In our resort the "social distance" results directly from the location of the individual houses, also our swimming pool is never so heavily frequented that problems could occur and of course we do everything to avoid any risk for all involved. As many still hesitate to fly, the island is unusually empty, whereby one can experience the island in a very special way. 

We are often asked when is the best time to visit the Azores. Our answer is always the same:

"São Miguel offers a lot in every season, it depends on what you want."

In October the weather is sometimes a bit rough, but that also means wonderful waves and fantastic walks by the sea, adventurous hikes in foggy wet forest sections followed by bright blue skies. The weather changes quickly, it rarely rains all day and it is mostly warm. November almost always brings back the beautiful and consistent weather. Here it is called Verão do São Martinho - Summer of St. Martin.  A good way to escape the often cloudy and wet weather in Central Europe and elsewhere. Then, of course, the days become much shorter here, but even at the winter solstice on 21st December we still have daylight until 6 pm, so there is plenty of time to do something during the day, e.g. a bath in the warm thermal water. Many places, which are heavily frequented in summer, can be enjoyed in peace and quiet in low season. Of course, all houses are equipped with heaters, so that nobody has to get cold on the few cooler days. 

There was a nice photo gallery of São Miguel in the Portuguese news.

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